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Will and Grace Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Will and Grace Fans

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[Tue/Jul/2006 at 11:31pm]


and literally, a crapload of debra banners


--this is a members only community but the post will stay public for 2 day
--join the community if you got a minute :)
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[Mon/Jul/2006 at 9:38pm]

will and grace icons! I would've made today a lifetime day with Golden Girls and The Nanny, but I couldn't find enough images! But, I'm no quitter, Lifetime show icons are on their way!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

you gotta click here for more! please add my icon journal :)
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[Thu/May/2006 at 8:54pm]

I just saw the promo for the will and grace finale and i want to know if anyone knows the song playing during it..it has lyrics that go "I will remember you" 
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[Wed/Jan/2006 at 7:40pm]

I just started watching will and grace this season...I know it's sad.My aunt made me watch a re-run episode and since then I've watched the new episodes on NBC..My question is..When do new episodes start up again?

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Under New Management? [Sun/Oct/2005 at 4:37pm]
Wow, I had no idea that people were still around. This is vert_greouille, the creator, under my new username. Seeing some people still posting was quite a shock to me, so I decided to fix the place up a bit. As you can see I decked it out with a Debra Messing layout, updated the info, and I will eventually be making this community friends only. Or something.

Thanks to all who have stuck around, it will all pay of, I promise. Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things.

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[Sun/Oct/2005 at 1:29pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Credit if using.
Exposted at libertyave
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[Tue/Oct/2005 at 7:59pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Join libertyave for more!
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icons [Fri/Oct/2005 at 1:03pm]

hey all... i hope this is allowed. ive made some will & grace icons and i wanted to share!! if you use them, credit me. and please dont customize. thx!


join _divalicious for more! :)
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Will´s shaving song [Thu/Oct/2005 at 4:30pm]

Hey everyone!
In series 1, when Grace first moves in with Will, Will sings along to this song while he´s shaving.
Does anyone know the title of it?
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Question [Fri/Sep/2005 at 1:00pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've got this Will and Grace club over on deviantart and we need a new ID banner, so if someone could make one, about 450 x 200 and have it say Will and Grace Club, please!! :D


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[Tue/Aug/2005 at 12:05am]

[ mood | good ]

Who bought the 4th season of Will & Grace?

I know I did :)
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[Sun/Jul/2005 at 5:12pm]

Hello, I am new here, My name is Andrea.

I love Will & Grace but Big Brother, which I hate with a passion, is taking all the Channel 4, E4 and E4+1 air time away. Mainly I watch it on Living and Living+1 now.

I have loved it for ages and watch it most days.
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[Sun/Jun/2005 at 4:51pm]

Hello there. I've just joined this community and it seems awesome.
Will & Grace is my life. Been watching it since 6th grade!.
I became so obsessed with it due to that episode where Jack has to design the Barney's Christmas Window for Christmas :) I have EVERY SINGLE episode recorded on all these VHS's. But now I think I'll just stick to buying the Season DVD's.
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W&G Art [Wed/Jun/2005 at 2:07am]


I have this club over at www.deviantart.com

And it's for those of you who have icons,fanfictions, fanart, whatever.

So come check it out and join!!

Here: http://willandgraceclub.deviantart.com/

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[Fri/Apr/2005 at 3:36pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Well, if the theme is Karen&Grace (So I'm a day late... never too late for those two!) then I thought I'd share all of my Karen&Grace caps :D



Please do credit me if you take them and use them for anything. :)


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[Fri/Mar/2005 at 11:12am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My picture kicked your picture's ass.

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we're baaaaaack! [Sun/Mar/2005 at 6:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

alright guys. i know this community has fallen into the armpit of livejournal society, so it is time for us to deodorize. we have a fresh look, which means a fresh start, so let's get the show going!


march 15 show gist:

guest star(s): janet jackson

after jack (sean hayes) took off as a backup dancer with iconic pop star jennifer lopez in last season's finale, he now reappears in the same role -- but as part of jackson's performance tour. elsewhere, will (eric mccormack) and grace (debra messing) try to get back to business as usual and mend grace's broken heart. megan mullally also stars. will arnet ("arrested development") and bobby cannavalle ("the station agent") guest-star.



this month's theme is pictures of both karen and grace, looking a bit romantically involved or just acting very close to one another. i know this is going to turn out great! and, because i am the mod, i'll start.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sweet, no?
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[Fri/Feb/2005 at 5:29pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I watched Will and Grace, umm, last night. The Valentines day one, where Karen has that d00d who loves her.<3 I am obsessed I have a new love for the midget, anyone know his name? He's old... and gay. And thinks he isnt. Its funny!

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next week's episode [Fri/Feb/2005 at 1:56pm]
[ mood | curious ]

next week's episode on thursday, feb. 10

guest stars: ed burns, jeff goldblum, chita rivera, and michelle lee.

gist: valentine's day is full of surprises. grace's tries to ignore the greeting card holiday but romantic urges eventually send her into the arms of the enemy -- none other than nick (guest star ed burns, "saving private ryan") a hunky greeting card writer. In a dramatic change of events, karen's former nemesis scott wooley (guest star jeff goldblum) tries to win her heart by showering her with gifts but karen's eyes are on larger things, -- her new overweight internet date. elsewhere, after dancing with a lesbian couple (guest stars chita rivera & michelle lee) will and jack find comfort in each other's arms for the valentine's day spotlight dance.

- - -

so, what do you think about next week's episode? personally, i think they're pushing it with the whole 'jack and will' thing.

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welcome! [Fri/Feb/2005 at 12:16pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

welcome to willandgracefan!

i'm the mod, kayla, and my love of will and grace has pushed me into making this fab community! hopefully this will one day be a place for all the w&g crazed to come and discuss the show, the characters, or anything related to the two.

let me start out by saying a big thanks to all who join. i know that you are going to be thrilled with all the events and activities that go on as this will be a very active community. one thing that you can look forward to is a weekly post by me including the upcoming week's episode gist. this way all the members and myself can discuss the episode and how we think it might turn out, not to mention the excitement you may get from just thinking about it! other activities include, w&g graphics contests, w&g fan fiction contests, pictures of the cast, on and off camera, weekly episode ratings, polls, and monthly themes. with your help i know i can add on to that already long list.

hugs all around<3.


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