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welcome to willandgracefan!

i'm the mod, kayla, and my love of will and grace has pushed me into making this fab community! hopefully this will one day be a place for all the w&g crazed to come and discuss the show, the characters, or anything related to the two.

let me start out by saying a big thanks to all who join. i know that you are going to be thrilled with all the events and activities that go on as this will be a very active community. one thing that you can look forward to is a weekly post by me including the upcoming week's episode gist. this way all the members and myself can discuss the episode and how we think it might turn out, not to mention the excitement you may get from just thinking about it! other activities include, w&g graphics contests, w&g fan fiction contests, pictures of the cast, on and off camera, weekly episode ratings, polls, and monthly themes. with your help i know i can add on to that already long list.

hugs all around<3.

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